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Finite Incantatem.

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

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To unite those of us who still swear our owls got lost midflight when we were eleven.

First off, I am saying (in obnoxiously large red letters, so that everyone sees it- NO EXCUSES) that
no LJ cuts are required here.
This is mainly a Deathly Hallows discussion, although anyone is more than welcome to talk about anything else Harry related. Therefore, if you haven't finished the book, don't join. If you do anyway, and you see things you don't want to see, which you will... then that's your tough luck. You should pay more attention.

dh_dissendium has been started because there seems to be a lack of quality Harry Potter communities out there. Not only is there this problem, but the ones that do exist are basically all filled with new readers complaining about things being spoiled for them.

This community is for devoted fans only. Simply join, participate, and
make sure ALL posts remain set to friends only.

As I said before, discuss anything having to do with the books, the movies, cast members, or J.K. Rowling... just state your opinions in a respectful manner. Now get to joining!

Community is owned by Lauren restartmyheart and moderated by Shelby violentlyblonde.


If you wish to affiliate with us, you may contact Lauren at stonesandbones@livejournal.com for further information.

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